Time takes its toll on a sports court. Eventually, any flooring material will begin to lose its traction and experience a decline in quality, but CBA Sports is here to turn back the clock. Our sports court resurfacing services help clients in and around Atlanta maintain beautiful high-performance courts. From public gyms to schools and even in-home courts, CBA Sports has the experience to refinish any athletic surface. Schedule a resurfacing appointment with CBA Sports today!

CBA's Sports Court Restoration Services

Preserving your court's surface is easy with CBA Sports. We're one of Georgia's most experienced installation technicians for basketball, tennis and multiuse courts — expertise that carries over into our maintenance, repair and restoration services. We'll refinish any commercial or in-home court so you can stretch your surface's life span as long as possible.

How do you resurface a tennis court, basketball court or any other hard athletic surface? The trick is to pay attention to every detail. Our tennis and basketball floor refinishing processes address every element of the court, including the surface's texture, grade, drainage system, temperature and more. We'll clean your court and repair any issues, then seal it with a protective coating that restores its traction, bounce responsiveness, sheen and more.

CBA Sports makes court restoration as affordable as possible, though prices may vary. The cost to resurface gym floors is typically between $2 and $3 per square foot. Standard basketball courts cover 4,700 square feet, while a full-size tennis court is 2,808 square feet. We'll provide total transparency during every step of the process so you understand your bill.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Sport Court

Resurfacing your sports court every few years helps to ensure its longevity and retain its performance. CBA Sports' refinishing services for basketball, volleyball, tennis and other multiuse courts provide numerous benefits, including:


  • Safety: Resurfacing your court will ensure it yields the amount of grip athletes need to stop, start and pivot safely.
  • Peak play: A fresh surface creates the ideal playing conditions for sports like basketball, tennis or volleyball. After a floor resurfacing treatment, players will have greater mobility and enjoy the best bounce responsiveness your floor can offer.
  • Longevity: Resurfacing services detect signs of damage while preventing future damage from occurring, helping your court last longer.
  • Cost savings: Repairing damage that results from insufficient surface quality can become expensive — refinishing your courts can prevent costly repair fees.


Why CBA Sports?

As one of Georgia's longest-running sports court construction companies, CBA Sports provides dependable resurfacing services that keep your court in great shape. We'll refinish your court even if you used a different company for installation. Our experts will go the extra mile to provide absolute transparency and leave your court looking better than ever.

Schedule a Resurfacing Appointment With CBA Sports

Your sports court needs some attention to keep it in the best shape, so hire a reliable company in your area for resurfacing services. CBA Sports resurfaces courts for clients ranging from small churches all the way to NCAA arenas, so contact us online or call 770-797-9990 for a free quote.