Sports Flooring and Turf Installation in Alpharetta, GA

Sports are a fun way to exercise, bond and bring communities together. You can create a space for these activities with a basketball court or lawn turf installation in Alpharetta, Georgia. CBA Sports has the materials, tools and expertise necessary to install the court you need for various sports, from putting greens and soccer to basketball and pickleball.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports Installations

Whether you're a homeowner interested in sports turf installation or a representative from a D1 school planning a new basketball court, we can provide the services you need. We can address issues such as:

Our Professional Installation Services

At CBA Sports, we offer industry-leading sports flooring and turf installation services. Since 1992, we have satisfied many homeowners and commercial decision-makers with our receptive customer service, high-quality materials and skilled team members.

After installing over 13 million square feet of athletic flooring systems, we can assure you that we can provide the sports turf or court you need. Our services are helpful in many areas, including:

  • Playground surfaces: Protect kids during play with our FallSoft® turf technology.
  • Residential homes: Add a pickleball court or golf putting area outside your home for endless fun.
  • Educational facilities: Install, replace or maintain your sports flooring with a graphics and designs to match your school's colors.
  • Commercial buildings: Use our weight room flooring for gyms to open a business or create a place where your employees can take breaks.


Benefits of Choosing CBA Sports

Choosing CBA sports to install commercial or home sports flooring in Alpharetta, GA, has several advantages:

  • Professional service and installation: At CBA Sports, we specialize in installing court systems and turf, have the advanced tools necessary to deliver high-quality work and pride ourselves on ensuring you love the finished results.
  • Cutting-edge technology: We offer the most advanced systems for commercial and home athletic court flooring with various options, including shock-absorbing floating systems, fixed options for structural integrity and fixed resilient systems for a mix of enhanced athletic performance and durability.
  • Less lawn maintenance: With CBA turf for your yard, you can spend more time enjoying your yard and less time maintaining it and it will always look fresh!


Happy CBA Sports Customers in Alpharetta, GA

We love when our customers are thrilled with our installation services. Seeing enthusiastic and honest comments helps us stay motivated to achieve our end goal of creating a court or turf area you adore.

If you choose our services, we are interested in hearing about your experience working with our team, too! Feel free to leave a testimonial and let us know what you think about our services.

Contact CBA Sports for Your Sports Construction Needs in Alpharetta

We want to help you achieve the sports turf or athletic court installation of your dreams. Reach out today for more information or to schedule an appointment! You can also call us at 770-797-9990 to speak with an expert.