• Customized configuration

  • Attractive and low maintenance

  • Fall zone protection areas

  • No more bark or mulch!!!

  • Non-toxic, allergen free

  • EnviroFill anti-microbial infill with Microban

Playground Turf

CBA Sports installs and services playground turf for backyards and public parks. Our artificial grass playground surfaces encourage safe play while minimizing maintenance needs. Choose CBA for your Atlanta playground to benefit from our 30-plus years of artificial grass installation experience.

What Is the Best Playground Surface Material?

Artificial grass is one of the best choices for playground surfaces in Atlanta. CBA Sports installs rubber playground turf that ensures safe, hygienic play at any public or residential playground. Our turf features Envirofill infill with Microban and FallSoft® technology for a forgiving, allergen-free surface that resists bacterial growth. Kids of all ages will enjoy worry-free play on a soft, damage-resistant surface.

CBA offers the best artificial grass for playgrounds in the Atlanta area, so visit our design center to experience our turf surfaces for yourself.

Turf for Playgrounds

Why are so many homeowners and parks departments choosing turf for their play areas? Artificial grass is the perfect material for any playground because of its safe yet durable qualities. The major benefits of artificial grass for playgrounds include:


  • Customized configuration.
  • No more bark or mulch.
  • Attractive and low maintenance.
  • Non-toxic, allergen-free.
  • Fall-zone protection areas.
  • EnviroFill anti-microbial infill with Microban.

CBA Sport's Artificial Playground Turf Services

The experts at CBA are here to improve your playground with safe, low-maintenance surface material. We'll work with you to design the best turf configuration for your public park or home playground.

Your new fake grass for playground use will feature an UltraBase self-draining system for the least invasive excavating process possible. The UltraBase system also enables our crews to work faster and complete your project on schedule every time.

CBA offers maintenance and repair programs with every turf installation. Maintenance and repair programs include annual grooming, seam repair, rubber replacement, drainage assessment and more. We encourage you to learn more about the CBA Turf System online.

Why Choose CBA for Playground Turn Installation?

When you choose CBA Turf for your children’s play area, you are making a smart, healthy decision. Synthetic turf has all the beauty of a lush green lawn, but it’s safe and durable, making it an excellent investment. Most important, synthetic turf enables you to ensure your children have a safe, comfortable place to play. Our FallSoft® technology provides additional protection and cushioning against impacts from more than 5 feet.

CBA has more than 30 years of experience installing artificial grass, making us the best company in Atlanta to install and service your artificial playground surface. We work closely with every customer to provide low-maintenance playground surfaces that kids love. Work with CBA for a free quote and a transparent experience from start to finish.

Contact CBA to Get Started

CBA Sports can equip your playground with a safe, cost-effective playground surface. Call us at 770-797-9990 or contact us online to get started.