Indoor sports flooring must be in excellent condition for athletes, members and staff. Gymnasium floor maintenance ensures that surfaces look their best and are safe for athletes and participants, while ensuring a longer life of the floor system. If you need a reliable company for sports floor maintenance services, the professionals at CBA Sports are ready to help bring your surfaces back to life.

Operating in the sports construction industry since 1992, we have the knowledge and expertise to design, service and maintain a variety of floor systems. Have our in-house staff design an athletic floor maintenance program for your applications. We offer free on-site consultations so we can examine and advise on the best possible solutions for your specific situation.

The Importance of Sports Floor Maintenance

Athletic floors are a reflection of your school or facility. CBA Sports specialists perform general maintenance tasks and repairs on wooden gym floors, rubber gym floors, vinyl floors and other sports surfaces.

Establishing a gym floor maintenance schedule helps you prevent deterioration. Different types of athletic floors call for unique cleaning methods and cleaning agents, so it's important to work with a team that knows which approach is right for your investment. Missing flooring inspections or ignoring annual sports floor maintenance needs can result in your surfacing losing it's wear layer, which could lead to athletes suffering injury or your athletic floor being replaced sooner that it should be.

CBA Sports Gymnasium Floor Maintenance Plans

CBA Sports sends our in-house staff members to complete sports floor maintenance jobs. All of our staff are factory certified by our surface manufacturers, ensuring you of the job being done right the first time no matter what needs you may have. If you're curious about how to fix a slippery basketball court or need assistance with how to clean gym floor, we're here for you. The details below describe some of the indoor floors we service:

Wood Gym Floor Maintenance Services

Our crews visit your location for wood gym floor renovation, finish repairs and subflooring corrections. The need for wood gym floor maintenance will depend on the condition of your installations. We recommend scheduling screening and recoating services yearly to maintain your floor's protection and traction. If scratches or peeling is present on your gym floor, we can assess the best solutions for your needs.

Speak to our representatives if you're due for a new floor design with updated lines, graphics and logos.

Rubber Gym Floor Maintenance Services

Rubber and synthetic gym floor installations are popular for multipurpose facilities, running tracks and weight rooms. CBA Sports has the means to service, repair and replace sports floor systems from multiple manufacturers. We install and service four main types of synthetic sports floor systems — sheet vinyl, rolled rubber, pad and pour urethane and modular systems.

CBA Sports handles specialized floor maintenance from complete floor restorations to spot repairs and service. We can provide you with detailed cleaning instructions to keep your wood and synthetic sports floor systems in excellent condition, extending the life of your surface.

Common athletic surfacing questions include:

  • Moisture issues
  • Dull or worn surface
  • Rolling load concerns
  • Scuffing and fading
  • Loss of traction
  • Seam failure

Choose CBA Sports for Sports Floor Maintenance Services

Based in Georgia but with offices and personnel covering the Southeast, CBA Sports will install, service and maintain professional-grade sports flooring for your school or facility. If you need wood floor or synthetic surface maintenance services, we'll develop a specific maintenance plan that suits your facility's needs. Choose a professional sports flooring company that has been serving the southeast for over 30 years, and has installed and maintained some of the most recognizable arenas and sports centers in the country. Don't take our word for it! Request our extensive reference list of facility owners and operators and ask them yourself, why CBA Sports is the only company allowed to maintain their sports floor systems.

Have questions about our floor renovation, maintenance and repair services? Complete a contact form online, or you can call us at 770-797-9990 today.