Running Track Installation

Record setting performances require athletic surfaces designed to give the athlete the opportunity to perform at their highest level. Whether you’re designing an IAAF Certified track or you need to surface the walking space around your mezzanine area, CBA Sports can guide you to the right flooring surface to suite your needs.

Track surfaces need to be resilient, have the proper durometer as well as having the right coefficient of friction to allow for maximum speed both in the straights and around the turns. Although many will argue that asphalt was fine for them when they were growing up, those of us who ran on those hard, unforgiving surfaces wished that we hadn’t!

CBA clients can customize an indoor or outdoor track around their precise needs. We can scale your track to accommodate your facility's size or work with you to fit the aesthetic desires of your home running track. Our outdoor and indoor track flooring material options feature various performance levels to suit any amateur or professional athlete. We'll collaborate with you to determine the ideal running surface for your complex.

Our Indoor Running Track Materials

The best athletes know you can't take a day off just because of the weather. Indoor tracks make rigorous training available through rain, snow, extreme heat and other harsh weather conditions. CBA Sports has indoor track surfaces that encourage comfortable year-round training.


The ElastiPlus Series are multi-purpose athletic flooring options the way you demand it. ElastiPlus is a revolutionary, seamless flooring system that offers proven results for all levels of play.



If you are in need for a durable athletic surface with a great look, then look no further. SportRoll is a high-quality athletic surface that can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis and running tracks. There are several colors as well as multiple thickness options.

indoor running track complete at Ramsey Center

Our Outdoor Running Track Materials

CBA Sports also installs outdoor tracks for high schools, colleges and sporting complexes in Georgia. We'll install and service a full-size 400-meter outdoor track at your facility with your choice of the following materials.

Rubber Performance

Rubber Performance Series is a vulcanized blend of rubber products which are highly attractive in color options and a variety of texture choices to suit a majority of athletic needs. Being a dual durometer system, this allows for a resilient base layer to focus on athlete’s safety while supporting the sports activity and events on the top surface. Whether your sport or activity is a field-house with spike resistant track, the local community center, or free-weight surface, years of trouble free service is what to expect, nothing less.

outdoor running track on a multi-purpose field


Flashtrack was designed for runners of all types. Whether you cater to serious runners or those out for a quick workout, this surface will accommodate them all. The surface comes in several color options and multiple thicknesses so you can customize your surface based on your needs.


Indoor Running Track Dimensions

How big is an indoor running track? A standard indoor running track is 200 meters around. CBA Sports can install an indoor running track that accommodates your available space. Our experts will work with you to determine the best size indoor running track for your home or facility.

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CBA Sports is a leading outdoor and indoor track surface sales, installation and maintenance team in Georgia. We work closely with every client to ensure their track is a long-lasting improvement to their athletic facility. Our experts are here to help you determine the best flooring material and size for your running track, so call us at 770-797-9990 or contact CBS Sports online to get started.