There are many types of athletic floors on the market and each has its unique set of characteristics and abilities. Some surfaces are designed purely for athletics while others are suitable for multipurpose use and a wide range of activities and functions. At CBA Sports, our desire is to provide you with the floor system that best suits your facilities programming needs now and into the future.

If you could create the perfect floor for your needs, what qualities would it have? Performance, safety, durability? Will there be a need for tables and chairs to be set up on occasion? Is the building going to be climate controlled? What budget and manpower do you have allocated for maintenance? All of these questions and more will help us decide together which flooring options would be the most appropriate for you. Our goal is to retain you as a customer, from installation through the life of the floor. From annual maintenance, game lining, new logos…whatever your needs may be. We serve Atlanta and multiple surrounding areas.

Please contact our nearby gymnasium flooring builders for a free consultation. Or set up an appointment at our Connor Design and Performance Center (DPC). The DPC allows you to see and play on all of the flooring options available before you make a decision on an investment of this magnitude. We look forward to seeing you soon!