Sports Flooring and Turf Installation in Athens, Georgia

Looking for a basketball court installation in Athens, Georgia? CBA Sports is your go-to for all your sports flooring and turf installation needs. We have more than three decades of industry experience, giving us the skills and knowledge to exceed expectations and provide outstanding results. 

Why Should You Consider New Flooring or Sports Turf Installation in Athens? 

When you upgrade your aging sports court or replace traditional grass with our sports turf, you can enjoy the following advantages: 

  • Protect your athletes: CBA Sports provides innovative flooring types that offer more traction and enhanced shock absorption to reduce the risk of falls and injuries while safeguarding joints and bones. 
  • Eliminate the hassle of lawn upkeep: Our lawn turf installation in Athens provides you with artificial grass that looks and feels real without requiring maintenance. 

How CBA Sports Can Help You

Whether you need a basketball court installation or want durable sports flooring for your home, you can count on CBA Sports to provide the results you're looking for. We are the industry-leading provider of high-performance athletic flooring and synthetic turf. 

Since our beginning in 1992, we have installed more than 13 million square feet of flooring, supplying customers with high-quality products lasting for years. Our experts have experience working with various clients, from private facilities and Division I universities to top NBA organizations. 

Why Choose CBA Sports?

When you choose to work with CBA Sports, you will benefit from: 

  • Professional service and installation: You will work with a dedicated project manager overseeing the project from design through construction to completion, focusing on the details and working hard to ensure your project is finished on time.
  • Innovative technology and superior materials: CBA Sports uses surfaces like the PowerGame™ and our MaxxFlow technology to give your sports flooring and turf installation the edge they need to perform effectively and safely for years.
  • Minimal lawn maintenance: With our sports turf installation, you'll gain the beauty of a lush grass yard without needing to mow or water it.

Happy CBA Sports Customers in Athens, Georgia

Our passion drives us to go above and beyond with every job, supplying our customers with sports courts and artificial turf they can enjoy for years. Check out what some of our past customers think about our installation services and products!

Contact CBA Sports for Your Sports Construction Needs

Can't wait to start your lawn turf installation or home sports flooring in Athens? Neither can we! Contact our experts at CBA Sports by calling us at 770-797-9990 or filling out our contact form today. You can also schedule an appointment with our Design Center to discuss the details of your project.