Sports Flooring and Turf Installation in Birmingham, Alabama

Sports flooring and turf are great options for home and business owners alike. For homeowners, artificial turf is lush, green and soft to play on for pets and kids. Artificial turf or sports flooring can provide a play surface for commercial sports fields and gyms.

If you're looking for sports turf installation in Birmingham, CBA Sports can help. Each division of our company has its own team with a specific area of expertise, ensuring you get the best service.

Replacing Old Sports Flooring or Traditional Grass

Artificial turf or sports flooring can solve many issues caused by old flooring and grass, such as:

  • Dangerous structures: Sports flooring must meet certain requirements to help prevent sports injuries. Older gym floors may become damaged over time, causing an increased likelihood of injury.
  • Traditional grass lawn upkeep: Frequent mowing, weeding and watering cost you time and money. Lawn turf installation eliminates these frustrations from your lawn care routine by offering a low-maintenance yard that looks great year-round.

About Sports Flooring and Turf Installation

CBA Sports has installed athletic performance surfaces and synthetic turf since 2000. We have sales and installation teams devoted to each of our products, and we make sure you get a quality product that best suits your needs and will serve you for years.

Whether you need basketball court flooring installation in Birmingham or artificial turf for your soccer field or backyard, CBA Sports has a quality option. We also offer turf maintenance and repair services to keep your investment in top condition.

Benefits of Sports Flooring and Turf Installation from CBA Sports

When you choose CBA Sports for your sports flooring or turf, we provide benefits such as:

  • Professional service and installation: At CBA Sports, our experts provide professional, friendly service. Unlike other sports flooring and turf suppliers, we'll install all materials for you.
  • Cutting edge technology: Our turf uses Maxxflow technology that's 100% permeable and rinses clean. We also have many sports court options to fit your needs.
  • Less lawn maintenance: Your days of keeping up with a commercial lawn or backyard are over. You can enjoy safe, lush turf all year with no maintenance.

Happy CBA Sports Customers in Birmingham, Alabama

We have changed customers' lives through lawn turf installation in Birmingham and beyond. Customers love that our courts and synthetic turf provide spaces for play and relaxation for children and adults.

Check out our testimonials to learn more about how a sports court or artificial turf from CBA Sports can help your home or business.

Contact CBA Sports for Your Sports Construction Needs

CBA Sports is your source for home sports flooring in Birmingham, Alabama. We ensure safety, durability and longevity with a 15-year warranty on turf and sports courts, so you can be sure they'll last.

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