Synthetic athletic floors have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 70s. Today’s synthetic floors are not only durable and multi-purpose; they are now designed with performance and safety in mind. Available in several different material types, thicknesses, and compositions, CBA Sports can help you determine the synthetic system that is right for you.

Synthetic floors can be classified into three distinct categories:

  1. Sheet vinyl – These systems consist of rolled vinyl surfaces with a variety of backings and thicknesses. The seams are heat welded to ensure a uniform installation. These floor systems can provide years of low maintenance play and multipurpose durability and come in both a wood faux and solid color option.
  2. Rolled rubber – These systems consist of rolled rubber surfaces that can have a natural or vulcanized wear layer. The seams are normally glued and bricked to ensure a uniform installation. These floor systems are very durable and comes in a variety of solid and fleck color options.
  3. Hybrid systems – Pad and pour systems essentially take from both the sheet good and poured urethane categories to combine one system. By adhering a recycled rubber base mat then applying a poured urethane lift, this system gives the cushioning that our customers desire along with the durability that they require.

Sheet Goods

Sport Grain Plus: This cushioned vinyl flooring is the highest quality product for athletic and commercial use. The product provides consistent force reduction values with maximum ball rebound for improved performance. SportGrain PlusTM is the ONLY cushioned vinyl flooring product manufactured in one continuous production process and is the easiest floor to keep clean.



Rubber: If you are in need for a durable athletic surface with a great look, then look no further. SportRoll is a high-quality athletic surface that can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis and running tracks. There are several colors as well as multiple thickness options.


Hybrid Synthetic Systems

ElastiPlus: This system is a true dual-durometer and offers superior wear resistance. It is engineered to offer a consistent balance between good shock absorbency and fast play while preventing fatigue. At the same time, it is low maintenance and designed with high deformation recovery and sound absorption. Ask about it can be “performance customized” to meet your athletic requirements and budget.