Turf for Weight Rooms

Gyms across the nation are enticing members by implementing high-quality gym turf for CrossFit. CBA Turf is Georgia's leading turf installation company — get in touch today to discuss turf for your weight room.

CrossFit training is highly active, requiring athletes to turn on a dime and dig in for traction. Our gym turf installation services equip weight rooms with state-of-the-art turf systems that encourage CrossFit athletes to push their limits. We'll work with you to plot and install a turf section for your gym.

Turf System Installation for Gyms

CBA Turf features the latest technology for long-lasting systems that will make the most experienced CrossFit trainers feel at home. Our realistic artificial grass blades intertwine to replicate the look and feel of authentic grass fields. We use EnviroFill infill to create the softest CrossFit surface and prevent microbe production. What's more, CBA Turf systems include drainage systems that make it easy to rinse your surface clean.

CBA Turf's collaborative process starts with a free quote where we discuss your gym and its patrons to determine the best turf installation for the facility. Our certified installation teams work diligently to construct your weight room's turf section on schedule. Your turf installation will come with a 15-year warranty, plus the option to register for a maintenance program built around your needs.

Interested in more flooring options for your gym? You can browse CBA's weight room flooring options online.

Why Implement Turf Flooring in Your Gym?

Athletes and trainers are always pushing the boundaries of traditional exercise routines, and they need fitness centers that can accommodate their efforts. Artificial grass surfaces offer the versatility your gym needs to attract and maintain members.

Turf is easier on athletes' shins and ligaments during agility training than concrete or asphalt. Trainers also love turf for sled pushes, as heavy sleds slide across turf with an appropriate amount of resistance and minimal risk of damaging the surface.

What's more, turf is easier for gym staff to clean and sanitize. You'll save time and money operating your weight room while maintaining a steady revenue stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turf is growing in popularity as an indoor flooring material for gyms. Is your gym ready to embrace the future of fitness? Here are a few frequently asked questions that can help you understand how and why you might implement a turf system at your gym.


  • What type of turf do gyms use? Most gyms use turf featuring synthetic polyethylene fibers, one of the softest and most flexible materials for artificial grass.
  • How much does workout turf cost? Turf is an affordable flooring material for weight rooms, averaging between $3 and $5 per square foot.
  • Can you drop weights on turf? Heavy weights pose little threat to artificial turf surfaces, meaning CrossFit athletes can train freely without damaging your system.
  • Is turf safe for CrossFit? Turf is among the safest surface materials for CrossFit, as it offers excellent impact reduction and traction.
  • Does turf require maintenance? Turf requires less maintenance than other flooring options, but regular service can keep it in good condition for a longer time.


Install Turf in Your Gym

CBA Turf has over 30 years of experience installing and servicing turf systems in and around Atlanta. We invite you to contact us online or call 770-797-9990 to discuss turf for your weight room.