You host family parties, get-togethers and holiday celebrations around your backyard pool. While these in-ground installations are cool and refreshing, you may also want to spruce up the exterior of your pool, near your patio or deck. If you're wondering what you can put around your pool instead of grass, artificial turf may be the perfect answer.

CBA Turf partners with homeowners throughout the state of Georgia to help transform their properties. We'll visit your home for artificial turf pool deck installation services that make your relaxation spot unique. Our team has over two decades of experience and can help you decide on the best artificial grass designs for your pool area.

Why Put Artificial Grass Around My Pool?

Artificial turf gives you the visual appeal of grass without all the maintenance. The days of mowing, edging and cleaning clippings out of the filter are long gone. Artificial turf installations hold their color and offer a luxurious feel that will make you want to stroll around your yard barefoot.

CBA Turf will transform your backyard to match your vision. You can put artificial grass around a swimming pool for the following advantages:

  • No need to water artificial turf
  • Installations last in direct sun
  • Savings on grass seed and tools
  • Placement anywhere in the backyard

How Turf Installation Improves Swimming Pool Areas

If you've ever been in a pool with turf around it, you probably noticed how clear the water was. Installing artificial grass around a pool helps you keep mud, dirt, insects and debris out, especially if you play games in the yard.

Our artificial turf provides you with better traction compared to real grass. You can reduce your chances of slipping around the pool and promote better drainage with our pool-area turf installation services. We'll create customized turf configurations for your yard based on the dimensions of the pool.

Artificial Turf Pool Deck Installation Services

CBA Turf construction specialists can help you install artificial grass on most surfaces, including concrete decks, patios and balconies. The artificial turf products we use feature multicolor grass blades for the most realistic appearance.

The CBA Turf staff will complete artificial grass installations for your pool deck that are 100% permeable and pet-safe.

We Offer the Best Artificial Grass Solutions for Your Pool Area

At CBA Turf, we follow through with your project from beginning to end. We believe artificial turf construction should be free of messes, so we utilize UltraBaseSystems to limit the need for excavation. You get high-quality synthetic turf without needing gravel layers below.

Our professionals can also perform artificial turf repairs for your pool setup. Have us take care of annual grooming, seam corrections and drainage assessments when necessary. We'll care for your pool with turf around it even if you had a different installer.

Contact CBA Turf for Artificial Turf Construction for Your Pool Deck

Give yourself more time to relax by the pool with the help of CBA Turf. Our artificial turf pool deck solutions are backed by a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind. Dial 770-797-9990 to start planning your residential project in Georgia. You can also contact us online with other questions.