Artificial grass is a great substitute for school football fields, playground surfaces and even your lawn. While installing synthetic turf will reduce the time you spend on lawn care, regular synthetic turf maintenance is an essential part of preserving the surface.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance/Repair

CBA Sports is among Georgia's best synthetic turf maintenance companies, offering dependable services for residential and commercial properties. We're the sports construction specialists who can address your court and turf needs. Our expert team will keep your turf in pristine condition for years on end and we'll perform maintenance and repair services for your turf field, whether we installed it or not.

Does Artificial Grass Need Any Maintenance?

Every turf field needs maintenance from time to time. Our experts at CBA Sports service turf surfaces regularly and also perform repairs if necessary. The busiest artificial lawns should undergo maintenance procedures as often as once a week. Residential properties can also benefit from quarter turf maintenance.

Our services are a vital aspect of turf field ownership. We ensure the best:

  • Safety: Athletes and active children count on artificial grass to cushion their falls. Regular turf maintenance helps to prevent concussions and other injuries.
  • Durability: A preventive maintenance program will catch and mend signs of disrepair so that your artificial grass remains strong, even on its busiest days.
  • Longevity: While a turf field can wear out over time, maintenance services help to extend its lifespan.

Turf Maintenance and Repair From CBA Sports

At CBA Sports, we tailor maintenance and repair packages to our cilents' needs. Our experts will collaborate with you to determine the best maintenance schedule for your property. Wok with us for thorough turf maintenance, including procedures like:

  • Debris removal.
  • Disinfection and sanitization.
  • Stain spot treatment.
  • Seam repair.
  • Irrigation system monitoring.
  • Infill replacement.
  • Hardness testing and mitigation.
  • Snow removal.
  • And more!

Why Choose CBA Sports for Turf Maintenance and Repair?

CBA Sports is proud to be one of the most experienced artificial grass maintenance companies in Georgia. We've been in business since 1992, during which time we've built trusted relationships with high schools, colleges, golf courses and homeowners with artificial fields or lawns.

Each CBA customer receives the same level of personalized attention as we collaborate to develop maintenance plans around your properties' needs. We also offer competitive maintenance contracts for each surface we install to ensure every owner can preserve their turf within their budget.

If you're considering a maintenance program for your turf field, our experts at CBA Sports are available to visit your property for a free consultation. With over 30 years of experience, CBA Sports knows what it takes to keep your turf in great shape.

Schedule Turf Maintenance in Georgia

CBA Sports makes turf maintenance easy and affordable. Our experts will set every blade straight and help you keep it that way for years to come. We encourage you to visit our design center to see how our maintenance and repair services preserve artificial lawns. Give us a call at 770-797-9990 or contact CBA Sports online to discuss synthetic turf maintenance or repair services for your property.