“We loved that our court became the place that our son’s friends came to hang out. Throughout high school our Sport Court was THE place to hang out. Knowing that they were safe and knowing who he was spending time with, was a great relief to both of us. It is still the case whenever he comes home from college—I don’t ever know how many guys he will have over. The court is now over 5 years old and it has held up great! The investment we made in our Sport Court Game Court was well worth it for the peace of mind it gave us as parents—to be the house where the kids hang out--especially in high school-- is priceless!”
- David & Paula Caras (Marietta)


“We are having a blast on the court…Steve gave your info to a very interested dad, after his son was one of 14 boys we had over for our ten year old’s birthday party. Putting this Sport Court in was the best decision we could have made!! Now that the lights are installed, we have had numerous 3 on 3 games after school and well into the evening hours! Great family fun!”
- Shelley Knudsen


“The court feels nice to play on and my knees do not get sore like when I play on asphalt or concrete. My mother was really excited about having the court and we even had an opening ceremonies.”
- Robert Molloy (U.S. Virgin Islands)