If you're searching for a high-speed game you can play with friends and family, pickleball is an excellent option. This court-based activity is sweeping the nation and popping up everywhere from college campuses to residential backyards. All you need is a wooden paddle, plastic ball and high-quality outdoor court to get started.

CBA Sports is an industry-leading organization that designs outdoor courts for various activities. We perform complete pickleball court installations, maintenance tasks and repairs, so our sports construction specialists can take care of your project from start to finish. As the best pickleball court contractors near you, we work with facility managers and property owners within the Southeast from our location here in Georgia.

What Is Pickleball?

Origins of pickleball date back to the 1960s. This game is played on a court that measures 20 feet by 44 feet (plus out of bounds area). Players use a specialized paddle to hit a plastic ball back and forth until the opposing team misses. It's possible to play pickleball as either a singles or doubles game with a net that sits 34 inches from the ground in the center.

Residential and Commercial Pickleball Court Construction

CBA Sports has an in-house team of professionals to build pickleball courts indoors or out. Push your residential or commercial project to the next level when you work with experts who handle everything from recommending pickleball court location to inspecting the feasibility of your site.

All of our customers work one-on-one with a dedicated project manager. We'll go above and beyond competing sports construction companies to build one or multiple pickleball courts for your application.

Design Your Pickleball Court For Playability And Safety

The professional pickleball court builders near you at CBA Sports give you more than one option for residential and commercial pickleball court installations. Choose from a cushioned all-weather pickleball court surface like our SportGame Pickleball™ surface or traditional acrylic color coating. Your project manager will further explain the benefits of each surface type:

  • SportGame™ pickleball surface:  Our top of the line selection for increased traction, ball performance and shock absorption. This surface is a low-abrasion surface designed to reduce the chances of injury during games.

Pickleball Court Surfacing for Residential & Commercial Applications

Our in-house construction specialists look forward to serving you with brand-new sports installations or refurbishments based on your needs. We build both indoor and outdoor pickleball facilities in places such as:

  • Homes
  • Park and recreation facilities
  • Schools
  • Sports facilities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Retirement homes

Contact CBA Sports for Pickleball Court Installation Services Today

CBA Sports constructs all pickleball court installation jobs with precision. When you hire our pickleball court installers, you get the satisfaction of knowing that we are fully licensed and insured. We'll bring your court design to life by properly utilizing your space, color schemes and property conditions. We've been working in the industry since 1992 to provide you with the athletic surfaces you need for competition and recreation.

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