How to Build a Dog Run

Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation, so giving them time outdoors is a must. However, some properties offer limited room for dogs to play. Owners are solving these outdoor space limitations by installing dog runs on their properties.

What Is a Dog Run?

A dog run is a dedicated outdoor space where a dog can play and do its business. The standard dog run is a fenced-in area with a dog-friendly surface.

How to Build a Dog Run in Your Backyard

You can build a dog run on your property by following these steps.

Make a Plan

Start by determining where you want to put your dog run and how much space it should cover.

Pet owners will often install a dog run attached to the house so the dog can head right out the back door and into the dedicated space. Others offset their dog runs farther back in the yard if they have enough space.

The run’s size depends on the dog. You should leave enough room for your pet to move freely.

Prepare the Land

After making a plan, measure out and mark off the spot in your yard where you’ll build the dog run. Then, use a tool like a garden tiller to remove existing grass and create a dirt base.

Lay the Flooring

Cover the dirt patch with your choice of flooring. Artificial grass is the ideal surface for a dog run. Green turf replicates the look of true grass and is comfortable for your dog during playtime.

Build a Fence

With the dog run’s surface in place, you can surround it with a fence. The most common types of fences for pet owners are wood, metal and chain link.

Add Bonus Features

Any dog run needs a dog house or some other structure where your pet can get some shade. Other features to add include toys, beds or even obstacles.

Benefits of a Dog Run

Installing a dog run will benefit you and your pets in numerous ways.

Pet Exercise

With more exercise, your dog will stay physically healthy and receive the mental stimulation they need to be happy.

Pet Safety

A dog run’s fence will keep your pet out of mischief. The fence will also keep pests and other hazards out.

Neighborhood Safety

Even well-trained dogs can run into trouble with neighborhood children or other pets. Providing a dedicated, secure play space for your dog is best for everyone.

Yard Preservation

Sectioning off a dedicated play space will allow the rest of your yard to flourish. Plus, with artificial turf, the dog run will stay green all year.

Pet-Friendly Surfaces From CBA Sports

Installing a dog run can improve your dog’s quality of life, preserve your yard’s green look or add green space to a concrete plot.

At CBA Turf, we offer artificial grass you can use to bring your dog run ideas to life. Our pet-friendly turf is safe and comfortable for pets. It’s easy on you, too, thanks to its MaxxFlow drainage and stain-resistant materials.

To learn more about our pet-friendly turf, feel free to call us at 770-797-9990 or contact us online today!

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