How to Clean a Wood Gym Floor

An indoor gym floor is a necessity for schools, colleges and recreation centers. Hosting basketball games and other activities is something you do year-round, and it’s essential to know how to care for a wooden gym floor so it lasts for years.

How do you maintain a gym floor, and is this something you can do yourself? Read on to learn how to clean a basketball court and what professional help you need to get the job done correctly.

The Importance of Wood Gym Floor Maintenance

Over time, a wooden gym floor may accumulate nicks and scratches from consistent use. While most indoor basketball courts consist of maple planks because the materials can withstand frequent use and impact, routine maintenance is the only way to prevent scratches and stains long-term. Gym floor maintenance keeps surfaces looking their best, and regular cleaning can save you money on future floor repairs.

Additionally, wood gym floor maintenance protects athletes by providing a smooth, even surface for sports events.

Top 3 Wood Gym Floor Maintenance Tips

The type of wood gym floor you have will influence cleaning procedures and how to keep your floor in pristine shape. Follow these general tips on how to clean basketball court floors:

1. Dry Mop Daily

Go over basketball court surfaces with a dry microfiber mop each morning. Dry mopping is a proactive way to remove dust and other contaminants that accumulate between games.

2. Perform a Wet Cleaning Weekly

If possible, speak with your installer about which liquid cleaning products are safe for your installation. You can wet mop a gym floor weekly to help keep the color and texture of the game surface in excellent condition.

3. Schedule Recoating Services Annually

You might be wondering, how do you keep a school gym floor clean when it is used for classes, recreational leagues, practices and other activities? The short answer to this question is to prioritize annual recoating. Professional floor care crews can visit your location to assess the condition of wood gym floors and reapply finishes to enhance traction, protection and shine.

Choose CBA Sports for All-New Gym Floor Installations

CBA Sports relies on an in-house team to install and maintain sports flooring for customers across the Southeast. We’ve been serving schools, universities and fitness centers for over 30 years and can create custom wood flooring designs for facilities of all sizes.

Trust us to install your new gym floor, and we can provide ongoing support to help with repairs, recoating and cleaning throughout your investment’s life.

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