Guide to Installing Turf on Your Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks often provide more outdoor privacy than backyards, feature gorgeous spanning views and offer space for those living in apartments and urban areas. When you’re trying to craft a comfortable and functional place for you and your guests, installing turf on your rooftop deck can make all the difference.

Synthetic turf provides the look and feel of natural grass without requiring the excessive, costly upkeep typical of natural lawns. You’ll also avoid insects, weeds and other issues often associated with soil and natural grass and appreciate its comfort and attractiveness.

Learn the benefits of artificial turf for a rooftop deck area, how to install artificial grass and things to consider before installation.

Why Install Artificial Grass on a Rooftop Deck

There are several reasons you might decide to install artificial grass on your rooftop deck. Artificial turf is:

  • Safe and functional: Concrete can often cause third-degree burns on hot days or slip-related accidents from rain and moisture. In contrast, synthetic turf is practical and safe for rooftops, making it ideal for families with pets or children so they can run and play on the surface whenever they please. Artificial turf stays cool to the touch on even the hottest days and is slip-resistant on rainy days, making it safe and barefoot-friendly no matter the weather.
  • Lightweight: Artificial turf is also lightweight, making it ideal for older rooftops. When you opt for artificial grass, you’ll save money on costly repairs or damages sometimes caused by heavier rooftop flooring.
  • Unique and versatile: Lastly, you might consider artificial grass for its uniqueness and versatility. The ease of installation makes synthetic turf ideal to place wherever you please, from your entire rooftop to your pool. Create exciting patterns and designs with artificial turf and maintain a luxurious-looking space for years to come.

How to Install Artificial Grass on a Roof Deck

Now that you understand why many homeowners opt for artificial grass, you may wonder how it’s installed. Experts can safely install your rooftop turf while following all neighborhood guidelines and choosing the materials that are best for your deck area.

Installation requires the following steps:

  1. Planning the area: The first step in installing artificial turf involves careful planning. Artificial turf experts can determine the best strategy for installing your turf to ensure it looks its best.
  2. Preparing the surface: Next, experts can prepare your deck’s surface by adding rooftop turf drainage or any features you’d like for your deck.
  3. Installing the sub-base and laying course: Next, they’ll lay the correct materials on your deck. For example, granite or limestone make the ideal sub-base for trapping moisture or odors if you have pets.
  4. Rolling it out: It’s now time to roll out your artificial turf. Once laid out, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to allow the grass to acclimate to its environment.
  5. Installing and securing: Once acclimated, experts will secure the grass to ensure it looks great and stays in place for years to come.

Benefits of Rooftop Deck Turf

Benefits of Rooftop Deck Turf

When you install artificial turf on your rooftop deck, you can enjoy its array of benefits:

  • Attractive and welcoming: Artificial turf can spruce up any space, especially one with a view. With rooftop deck turf, you’ll appreciate the same comfort and lushness as natural grass while enjoying a space to relax and entertain guests.
  • Affordable: Synthetic turf drains quickly and efficiently, meaning there are no extra costs to repair damages. When compared to natural grass, you’ll avoid maintenance costs typically associated with caring for a natural lawn, like pesticides.
  • Eco-friendly: The pesticides used to care for natural grass can pose serious health concerns for humans, animals and the environment. In contrast, synthetic turf is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for your pets and family members.
  • Durable: When it comes to rooftop deck flooring, you’ll need something to withstand the intense Atlanta heat and long-term wear and tear. Artificial turf won’t fade or wither with prolonged sun exposure. It’ll stay gorgeous and natural-looking with minimal maintenance, leaving you with more time to enjoy your rooftop patio.

Other Things to Consider

Before installing rooftop deck turf, consider a few points:

  1. The goal of your space: Before installing turf, determine the purpose of your rooftop space. For instance, perhaps you’re planning on using it as a garden space to place your potted plants and vegetables. On the other hand, you might envision a commercial gathering area for employees. Determining the goal of your rooftop deck can help you decide on the correct turf option.
  2. The feasibility of the project: Always ensure your rooftop deck can support the weight of the activities you plan on doing on it. Experts can help you determine the structural integrity of your roof and any unique treatments it might need before installation. For instance, if you have a wooden deck, experts can first choose the proper waterproofing for your space.
  3. Professional installation: Always entrust a reputable company to take on your project. Professionals can ensure your space is safe and expertly install your turf so it looks great.

Rooftop Deck Turf FAQ

Our answers to some of the most common questions we receive about rooftop turf installation include:

1. Can You Put Artificial Grass on a Roof?

Many might be surprised to know that artificial grass is generally good for decks. While it’s usually unsafe to place artificial grass where you’ll have a campfire or grilling station, artificial turf is ideal for most other activities. Treat your space like a backyard or peaceful oasis when installing it on your rooftop patio.

2. How Do You Design a Rooftop Deck?

When you decide to install artificial turf on your roof, the design possibilities for your space are endless. For instance, many people create a pet restroom area with artificial turf since it’s easy to clean and maintain. Others opt for a play area for their children, who can appreciate its softness and comfort. Still, many simply install it to create a beautiful, welcoming space for spending time outdoors with guests.

3. What Is the Best Artificial Turf for a Rooftop?

The best artificial turf for your rooftop will come down to a few factors. When you decide on the goal of your space, you can choose the appropriate materials that will look the best and provide the right level of functionality for your needs.

Choose CBA Turf for Your Rooftop Deck Artificial Grass Installation

Choose CBA Turf for Your Rooftop Deck Artificial Grass Installation

When it comes time to install turf on your rooftop deck, entrust CBA Turf. Our reputable team provides professionalism and friendly service at every turn while laying down some of the best artificial turf for your rooftop deck. We always supply timely maintenance and high-quality materials to make your rooftop stand out.

To discuss your rooftop deck turf project, call 770-797-9990 or contact us today!

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